Georgetown BID
Georgetown 2028

Wondering about how to improve transportation in Georgetown? Like to see different kinds of restaurants or shops? Have some ideas for Georgetown?

The Georgetown BID invites you to participate in Georgetown 2028 to help us develop a strategic vision for ensuring Georgetown remains a world-class commercial district. Since the launch of the process in May of this year, we have been working on transportation, public space space, economic, and environmental issues and are close to finalizing an action plan which includes short, medium, and long term steps. Georgetown 2028 will finish before the end of 2013, with a strategic vision and action plan that will be available soon.

Why Plan?

Georgetown is one of the most well-known neighborhoods in the nation. It has been a home of presidents, hosts a world-class university, and has many of Washington’s oldest and most historic buildings. While its industrial, harbor, and canal uses are a thing of the past, the Georgetown commercial district has evolved into a vibrant mix of offices, in a world-class shopping district with major upscale national chains side-by-side with local mom and pop businesses, drawing throngs of tourists, shoppers, creative professionals, and residents to its busy streets.

But our competitive environment is changing. Future Georgetown must compete against new and “coming soon” commercial areas in the District and nearby areas so it remains home to fine dining, distinct retail opportunities, great hotels, and major businesses. Future Georgetown must have the transportation strategies and system to efficiently move people in, out and around. Future Georgetown, as a riverfront neighborhood, must have the forethought to protect itself from the impacts of a changing climate, including rising water levels. It must understand its future infrastructure needs and decide how it wants its public infrastructure to be designed, used, and managed. And finally, future Georgetown will need to manage all these issues as efficiently and effectively as possible.